With an extensive collection of innovative solutions to mining activities in Brazil, CEPEMAR continues to deliver services in more challenging environments, such as bathymetric surveys and laser scanner scans in open ditches and tailings dams, topographic surveys, dredging inspections, and generation of orthophotos with drones.


For water management, we can perform the water balance service of the entire site, generating a baseline of the general water system, capable of producing a platform that facilitates the decision making of dewatering, a technique of drying and separation, for each case.


CEPEMAR has in its team technical professionals able to approach the dewatering of the existing tailings and through technology in equipment for a better drying in the ore exploration process, providing a better relation between water/sediment in the storage of the dams.


In addition to simulating the slick spot with several scenarios immediately, and effectively projecting the real risks and real impacts of future disasters, we also do 24/7 monitoring of dams in real time through technologies such as piezometers, prisms, and fiber optics (Anti-theft option), amongst others that provide immediate and real-time response.

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