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Services consist of studies and delivery of products related to mapping and subsea installations in deep waters. The interpretation of the processed data and delivery of the products will be carried out at CEPEMAR's data center installed in its Service Base in the city of Macaé. For shallow waters (5-30m) we carry out inspections using divers certified by ABENDI NA-003, and the dives are executed according to ABNT NBR16244.

We use innovative technologies such as AUV, ROV, Sonar Side Scan, Sub Bottom Profiler, and Seismic shallow technical reports of the highest standard.

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The services consist of the study and delivery of products related to the submarine mapping with the use of interferometric sonar, multi-beam echo-bathymeter (MBES), high-resolution color photographic camera, laser profiler, shallow seismic, among other services performed on water depths varying between 50 and 3,000 meters.

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EMS: Environmental Monitoring Solution

Meteo-oceanographic buoys are essential for operational safety and maritime navigation.


Meteorological and oceanographic information obtained using measurements are essential to ensure operational safety and improve the management of port operations and maritime navigation. This information can be obtained by using of meteo-oceanographic buoys (BMO).

Metoceanographic Buoys

The data is obtained in situ with the use of a buoy, where environmental sensors are installed for the collection of meteorological data, gravity waves, currents, physicochemical parameters of the water, among others.

  • Buoys

  • Meteorological Sensors

  • Oceanographic Sensors

  • GPS Positioning and Telemetry Solar Panel


Acquisition of meteorological and oceanographic data.

Messen Ocean


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Atmospheric Engineering

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