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The company was also a pioneer in feasibility studies of the technical, economic and environmental implementation of Wind Fences, which reduce wind speed and, consequently, wind drag of materials stored in the yards, minimizing the environmental impacts generated by mining activity.


Cepemar has micro-station technologies that can be installed in all of every industrial courtyard, and urban areas, forming a dense network of information, obtaining, in real time, parameters of air quality, such as sediments, gases, and other pollutants, for greater information management through a dashboard available online and by a mobile application.



  • Modeling the pollutant plume in the atmosphere

  • Monitoring of gases and particulates (Pm10, Pm2,5)

  • Instalação de Wind Fences

  • Installation of Wind Fences 

  • Isokinetic Monitoring in Chimneys

  • Meteorological monitoring

  • Operation of complete air quality monitoring stations

  • Real-time monitoring of air quality parameters through Micro-Stations

  • Air Monitoring Micro-Station

  • ICAP - Isokinetic Collector of Atmospheric Pollutants

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