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Based on data collected in the field utilizing our resources, CEPEMAR develops environmental, meteo-oceanographic, geophysical, and geochemical studies in offshore and coastal areas. Proof of this are the various customers catered for and satisfied.

Through our partnership with CSA Ocean Sciences, a US environmental consulting company, Cepemar is pleased to introduce the SR-Surveyor M1.8 to the Brazilian market, the latest innovative technology in unmanned systems for the realization hydrographic and geophysical research.


Using probes, sensors, and other state-of-the-art equipment, we acquired data on areas or structures used in the aquatic environment.

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  • Dredging Monitoring and Licensing

  • Pipeline inspections and submerged installations

  • Bathymetric surveys

  • Seismic surveys

  • Monitoring of water, sediments, and aquatic biota

  • Sub Bottom Profiler

  • Side Scan Sonar

  • Buoys

  • Jet ski

  • Multibeam Echo-bathymetry

Using appropriate equipment and professionals to acquire the data in the field, CEPEMAR scales its resources to personalize each type of service.


The methodology of the products generated varies according to customer requirements through the use of their high-resolution equipment for each segment of study.

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