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Environmental Solutions on Brazilian off and on shore.

CEPEMAR has more than 40 years of experience in the integrated management of environmental solutions, pioneering the country in carrying out environmental impact studies (EIA / RIMA), atmospheric engineering and oceanographic, geophysical, environmental and geological data surveys at sea, making it the largest provider of data collection and ecological solutions in Brazilian waters and lands. Headquartered in Vitória (ES), the company operates in all Brazilian states, as well as in international projects in the Middle East and USA. Cepemar has operational expertise in oil & gas, mining, steel, energy, pulp, telecommunications, and other sectors.


Our Services

Environmental services aim to achieve a balance between socio-economic activities and environmental sustainability...

Based on data collected in the field utilizing our resources, CEPEMAR develops environmental, meteo-oceanographic, geophysical, and...

The company was also a pioneer in feasibility studies of the technical, economic and environmental implementation of Wind Fences, which reduce wind speed and, consequently, wind...

With an extensive collection of innovative solutions to mining activities in Brazil, CEPEMAR continues to deliver services in more challenging environments, such as bathymetric...

Underwater Surveying

The services consist of the study and delivery of products related to the submarine mapping with the use of interferometric sonar, multi-beam...



Meteo-oceanographic buoys are essential for operations safety

and maritime navigation.

Meteorological and oceanographic information obtained using...


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