Services consist of studies and delivery of products related to the mapping and installations of underwater facilities in deep waters.


For offshore mapping, multiple AUVs operated through the Island Pride vessel will be used by Ocean Infinity, a pioneer in the use of multiple AUVs for hydrographic mapping, and the data collected in the data center installed on the vessel will be processed. The interpretation of the processed data and delivery of the products will be performed in the CEPEMAR data center established at its Service Base in the city of Macaé.


For deep waters we use AUV's capable of diving up to 3000m and for shallow waters (5-30m) we carry out inspections using divers certified by ABENDI NA-003, and the dives are executed according to ABNT NBR16244.

EMS: Environmental Monitoring Solution

Meteo-oceanographic buoys are essential for operational safety and maritime navigation.


Meteorological and oceanographic information obtained using measurements are essential to ensure operational safety and improve the management of port operations and maritime navigation. This information can be obtained by using of meteo-oceanographic buoys (BMO).


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